Wisterias come alive in works by Ken Matsubara, guided by the spirit of Rimpa

With his refined sensibility and unique painting techniques, artist Ken Matsubara’s works of traditional Japanese art have awed many art lovers across the world. His paintings of Wisteria flowers, inspired by the Rimpa school of Japanese art, will be exhibited this spring at Ippodo Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

Maruyama Okyo, who led the modern art culture in Kyoto in the 18th century, came to be known as the father of Japanese paintings with his realistic representations and delicate techniques. His work “Wisteria” is known as an artwork that best embodies the Rimpa school style, a style inspired by classic Japanese yamato-e and often feature vibrant colors in decorative manners.

Ken Matsubara “White Wisteria”, H41×W116cm

Ken Matsubara, among those mesmerized by the artwork, had been hoping to create someday a Rimpa-inspired painting himself. An hour away from his residence in Nasu-Shiobara, Tochigi, in the forests of Shoninzawa where beautiful waters flow, the artist found a colony of wisterias and depicted them in his paintings, blooming in graceful drapes among entwined vines. Visit Ginza Ippodo to see for yourself the mysterious and enchanting beauty of wisteria flowers proudly blooming across the gallery.

Ken Matsubara “Drawing Wisteria”
Venue: Ginza Ippodo Gallery
3rd Floor, ISEI Bldg., 1-8-17, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-5159-0599

Exhibition dates: April 16th (Tuesday) to 25th (Sunday), 2021
Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM; closed Mondays
Advance reservations required; please contact:


2021 Spring / Summer

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