Delvaux handbag charms

The ultimate “KAWAII”!
Luxurious sakura, kabuki, and sushi charms

Delvaux, the world’s oldest luxury leather goods maison and an exclusive purveyor to the Belgian royal family, has produced many masterpieces over its 190-year history, particularly the “Brillant” handbag that has become its most iconic piece.

A mini version of the Brillant is now available as a unique charm. Named “Les Miniatures Nippon,”it was created as a tribute to the long and amicable relationship between Belgium and Japan (Nippon).

Delvaux kabuki charm

Cherry blossoms in full bloom against the blue sky, a kabuki actor in the characteristic kumadori makeup with a traditional Japanese coiffure, and salmon roe sushi with thinly sliced cucumber are the three designs. Not only the front side, but also the back is meticulously decorated in great detail.

Delvaux sushi charm

The finest materials and superior craftsmanship, combined with Delvaux’s keen sense of aesthetics are what make these luxurious yet playful pieces possible.

Les Minatures Nippon will be on presale from August 21st 2020 exclusively at the Delvaux Omotesando boutique in Tokyo, and will officially be available at other boutiques in Japan from August 28th.

Delvaux Omotesando

Delvaux Japan will donate part of the proceeds from the charms to the specified nonprofit organization“International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart”.


Les Miniatures Nippon
Sakura(height 11.3×width 8.5×depth 4.6cm)108,000 yen
Kabuki(height 11.3×width 12.5×depth 4.6cm)129,000 yen
Sushi(height 11.3×width 8.5×depth 4.6cm)108,000 yen

Delvaux Omotesando
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Tel. 03 6418 0983
11 AM to 7PM

Delvaux Japan
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2021 Spring / Summer

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