The ultimate car that reflects the Japanese aesthetic

One of the unique aesthetic senses of the Japanese is the rich sensitivity to the beauty of the changing seasons and environment. The LS, the Lexus flagship sedan, is a car created in such aesthetic context and recognized around the world.

More than 30 years since its debut, the Lexus LS has sold a total of 870,000 units in more than 90 countries and regions, becoming one of Japan’s most iconic cars. In November 2020, a new model was introduced with the elegant design concept “Path of the Moon”. The interior features HOSOO brand textiles created by Hosoo, the long-established firm of Nishijin-ori weaving that has a 1,200-year-old tradition in Kyoto.

HOSOO’s signature textile “WAVE” (at right). Further improvements were made to the preliminary design to create a Nishijin fabric designed to “LS” specifications.

The “path of the moon” is a mystical natural phenomenon that can only be seen a few days before and after a full moon. After four years of trial after trial, Hosoo was able to create a special textile for the “LS” that brilliantly depicts the path of the moon on Nishijin-ori weave, by using silver thread and the glitter of platinum foil to recreate the band of light floating on the surface of the water illuminated by moonlight.

The special textile, possessing beauty as well as functionality for use in a vehicle, is full of class befitting a Japanese car of the finest quality.

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2021 Spring / Summer

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