The colorful seats in the shape of Japanese flowers, (clockwise from left) camellia, cherry blossom, ume apricot blossom, chrysanthemum, balloon flower, and peach blossom.

Japanese flowers in daily living

The Japanese have always been known for their tender regard for the flowers that bring a splash of color to every season. The names of many flowers appear in the waka verses written by ancient poets, where they are used to express a variety of sentiments. Taking a cue from these subtleties of the heart, Sakemi Isuten has created the Monaca stool, whose name refers to the Japanese confection that inspired the charming round design. Seats in the shape of six iconic Japanese flowers are available to add comfort and color to a room: ume apricot blossom, cherry blossom, camellia, chrysanthemum, balloon flower, and peach blossom.

This specialty chair shop has maintained its artisan traditions and produced durable, treasured furniture items for nearly half a century. Each and every stool is handmade, so it takes one to two months for an order to be ready. Happily, customers not only have their choice of seat colors to complement a room’s interior, but can also select either walnut or oak for the wooden parts. The seat may be a little small, with a diameter of about 28 centimeters, but it is stable, comfortable, and conveniently portable. Why not decorate your room with an arrangement of flower stools?

Monaca stool in walnut or oak, in heights of 30 and 45 centimeters. Each design is available in two different colors, ¥24,600 for any size or color. Note: As the stools are handmade, dimensions may vary slightly.


Sakemi Isuten
79-1 Enokizu Mizuochi, Okawa, Fukuoka

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Kateigaho International Japan Edition 2019 Spring/Summer.



2021 Spring / Summer

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