RMK 2020 AW collection UKIYO Modern
Illustration © 2020 Sofiia Strekanova a.k.a. Soia

Modernized Edo beauty
depicted in ukiyo-e motifs

RMK is a makeup brand originated in Japan with a fan base all over the world, especially in Asia, for its refined colors, textures, and a touch of its signature style.

“UKIYO Modern”, RMK’s 2020 AW collection that captures Japonesque from a modern perspective, will be launched and available in limited quantities from August 1. Inspired by the “bijin-ga”(pictures of beautiful women) prints of Kitagawa Utamaro, a famous ukiyo-e artist of the Edo period (1603-1867), Polish artist Sofiia Strekanova illustrated the fashionable package designs. The collection enables today’s women to enjoy a modernized “Edo-beauty” look that continue to attract us to this day, with their fair-complexion, almond eyes, and sleek red lips.

RMK 2020 AW collection UKIYO Modern
Illustration © 2020 Sofiia Strekanova a.k.a. Soia

The four-color eyeshadow palette is composed of deep-toned colors that were favored by women in the Edo period. The colors of the palette, which can be used solely or in combinations, allow you to adjust the shade to suit your mood or occasion. While the chic color scheme and blendable smooth texture make for smooth makeup maneuvers, the pop ukiyo-e illustrations add to the fun.

RMK Ukiyo Modern Eyeshadow Palette
“RMK Ukiyo Modern Eyeshadow Palette 01 Shinagawashuku”, named after a famous post-town that flourished in the Edo-period. Available in 3 varieties, 5,800 yen each.

Other products such as a lip and eye-liner in the shape of a kiseru (traditional tobacco pipe) which frequently appears in ukiyo-e prints, and a dewy red lip gloss that is reminiscent of beni, a traditional bold red lip color, will also be released. Step back in time and enjoy a different look with these stylish tools that revive Edo beauty.

RMK Kiseru W Liner
“RMK Kiseru W Liner 01 Yanaginezumi”, a 2-in-1 product that consists of a burgundy lip pencil with a grayish mint powder eyeliner. Available in 5 varieties, 4,000 yen each.

RMK Edo-Akane Translucent Gloss
“RMK Edo-Akane Translucent Gloss” (2,800 yen), a solid red gloss. For sensous lips that look like they are adorned with red beni. It can also be layered with other lip products.


“UKIYO Modern”
Online store: https://rmk.tmall.hk/shop/view_shop.htm




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