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“KIJE JAPAN GUIDE” is an eBook series of select articles from KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL Japan EDITION (KIJE) magazine.

Discover the fascinating diversity of contemporary Japan as seen from the inside, in living color. Authentic reporting and lavish photography bring new travel destinations, inspiring traditions, modern lifestyle ideas, and the latest in the arts and popular culture directly to your fingertips―in handy, affordable guides that you can enjoy on your desktop or mobile devices.

Here’s a selection of our eBooks that we especially recommend for this spring and summer season. From the wonders of nature to traditional food and a guide to the city, read and discover an unexplored side of Japan.

Vol. 4 Highlights of the Season
―Must-see spots and events in spring and summer
In spring and summer, many flowers begin to bloom all over Japan. Among the best spots to enjoy this spectacle, Buddhist temples are known for the beauty of their flowers, carefully tended by resident priests as part of their devotions. In Vol. 4 Highlights of the Season find the guide to the top 50 temples, where you can see blossoms reach their glory from early spring into summer.

Vol. 4 also gives you some hints to enjoy Japanese summer festivals, or matsuri. Festival critic Tetsuya Yamamoto offers his pick of a month’s worth of summer festivals―one per day―to enjoy, and perhaps take part in. Why not find your favorite matsuri and save it for your next travel plans?

Vol. 5 Summer on the Table
―Delectable Japanese summer recipes
To beat the summer heat, healthy Japanese cuisine is the best choice for your meals. Vol. 5 Summer on the Table presents delicious variations of Japanese food recipes ranging from innovative tofu dishes to regional cuisine featuring early-summer vegetables, by renowned chef Yoshiharu Doi, and Kyoto home cooking known as obanzai. Full of variety, refreshing, and exciting, the dishes are perfect for stimulating your appetite in the heat of summer.

Vol. 6 Tokyo Summer Discoveries
―Local tips for enjoying summer in Tokyo
When summer heat settles over Tokyo, it’s time to discover the many ways Japanese evoke a sense of coolness to soothe the senses. And, surprisingly perhaps, there are also pleasures to be found in heating things up!

Vol. 6 Tokyo Summer Discoveries brings you on a culinary tour in historic neighborhoods to savor classic dishes from the Edo period and also special spots to discover ryo―the Japanese culture of mitigating the heat that are as much a frame of mind as an actual lowering of the ambient temperature. This is the best guide to travelling in Tokyo in the summer season.


The KIJE Japan Guide series are also available worldwide…

Vol. 4 Highlights of the Season

Vol. 5 Summer on the Table

Vol. 6 Tokyo Summer Discoveries



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