Two new KIJE Japan Guide books are now on shelves at Kindle stores!

“KIJE JAPAN GUIDE” is an eBook series of select articles from KIJE, now available for purchase through the Kindle stores at Amazon worldwide. Pick up these handy and affordable guides to explore KIJE’s visually stunning and informative coverage on Japan.

Now two new KIJE JAPAN GUIDE books are available at Kindle stores.

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Vol. 13 Captivating Craftwork
Japan is home to an extensive range of flourishing craft industries. Among many of the excellent traditional crafts developed in their own distinctive ways all over Japan, we introduce high-style metalware, elegant glassware, finely crafted blades, charming traditional toys, and ceremonial mizuhiki decorations.


Vol. 14 Devoted to Paper
Since the introduction of papermaking techniques from continental Asia, Japan has developed its own original paper culture which has been deeply rooted in many aspects of the Japanese lifestyle. We invite you to explore the unique world of Japanese paper from traditional washi papermaking to Ukiyo-e, Japanese pop art printed on washi paper, and innovative paper stationery.


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Vol. 13 Captivating Craftwork

Vol. 14 Devoted to Paper 




2021 Spring / Summer

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