Crystal of Light

The sculpture of lights illuminating Ginza Station

Ginza, lined with department stores, luxurious boutiques and restaurants, is the heart of Tokyo’s central area, and is visited by many people every day. Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, one of the hubs of metropolitan transit, has made a new, beautiful appearance after a three-year renovation.

To commemorate the renovation, Shiseido, a global cosmetics brand born in the Ginza district, donated a public art piece  as a new symbol of the station.

Crystal of Light by Tokujin Yoshioka
The enormous artwork (height 1.65m, width 3.5m) is placed near Exit B6 of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station and illuminates the inside of the station.

“Crystal of Light” is a sculptural artwork made up of 636 specially processed crystal glasses that sparkle and shine. The creator of the work, globally-renowned artist Tokujin Yoshioka, says he created this piece of art to express his wish for peace. “I hope the world will unite as one, just as the countless colors of light come together to form one enormous gleam.”

The crystal glasses processed by a special facet cut, a unique processing method in which the glass surface is faceted from various differing angles, create a luminous sculpture of light.

A world map was used to design the shine and shimmer of the artwork, expressing the world through a composition of light.

Tokujin Yoshioka
The world-renowned artist and designer, Tokujin Yoshioka. His best known works include “Water Block” and “KOU-AN-Glass Tea House”. He also designed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Torch.

This public art emitting exquisite light at the underground station premises will be a new iconic work of art, symbolizing the glamorous Ginza district.



2021 Spring / Summer

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