2019 Autumn / Winter

Stay in Luxury



  • Gracious Welcomes

    Lodgings in Tokyo and throughout the country are preparing to offer Japan’s trademark hospitality as they look forward to welcoming guests in 2020. Whether it’s a famous old hotel providing heartwarming service, a chic resort with stunning views, or accommodations known for wide-ranging cultural programs, each has crafted its own distinctive brand of guest service.

  • Gourmet Greetings

    Chefs behind hotel dining rooms featuring cuisine from around the world work tirelessly to create sublime taste experiences. Here’s a selection of establishments that belong on the itineraries of the most demanding gourmets.

  • Mindful Relaxation

    Travel affords a chance to pamper yourself with the services of hotel spas. Modern facilities and an extensive array of treatments—influenced by local tradition and culture—offer new pathways to bliss.

  • Classic Comforts

    The ryokan tradition continues to thrive. We suggest a visit to experience Japan’s unparalleled hospitality in its ultimate form. From long-established inns to boutique hotels with contemporary Japanese decor, see how customs continue to evolve.