2017 Spring / Summer

Cruising Kyushu



  • Cruising Kyushu —Encounters in a lush land of crafts

    The island of Kyushu is home to an extensive range of flourishing craft industries. Come along as we visit young artisans pushing the boundaries of traditional pottery in Saga prefecture, meet porcelain masters with specialized skills in Nagasaki, learn about dazzling glassware with a long history, and explore the allure of bamboo ware in Oita. An unexpected showcase of Kyushu craftsmanship is the sumptuous Seven Stars in Kyushu cruise train. What better time to discover them all than during early summer, when forests and fields come alive with a glorious display of fresh green foliage?

  • Matsuri Mania — Your guide to summer festivals

    Summer matsuri, or festivals, are a tradition that perfectly marries the solemnity of prayers and supplications to the deities with bursts of exuberant color and energy. There are said to be some 300,000 festivals throughout Japan, so we asked matsuri connoisseur Tetsuya Yamamoto to recommend his pick for each day for a month. Which ones will you choose?

  • The Magic of Matcha — Sweet recipes from a tea specialist

    If you associate this bright green, bittersweet powdered tea only with the tea ceremony or a morning take-out latte, think again. We suggest ways to enjoy the flavor of matcha in recipes ranging from jam to pound cake, torte to truffles. The recipes come from the experts at fine-tea producer Marukyu Koyama-en of Kyoto.

  • Ise Shima Enchantments

    Cast in the spotlight by the Group of Seven summit meeting held there in 2016, Ise Shima in Mie prefecture is attracting new interest as a place to visit. Photographer and KIJE ambassador Everett Kennedy Brown explores the natural and historical riches of the area and savors the hospitality of the Hiramatsu Kashikojima hotel, opened just last July.