2017 Autumn / Winter

Discoveries in New & Now Kyoto



  • Discoveries in New & Now Kyoto

    In a contemporary look at Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto we feature century-old townhouses converted into modern-concept hotels; new ideas for early-morning forays and after-dark excursions;unique locavore restaurants; and innovative creations from venerable makers of wagashi sweets.Whether this is your initial visit to Kyoto or your 50th, we offer a fresh take on this unique historic city.

  • Tiny Heirloom Treasures — A collection rediscovered

    Netsuke and obidome accessories with motifs of Chinese-zodiac animals have been passed down through generations of Japan’s Takamatsu Matsudaira clan. Exquisitely engraved by renowned craftsmen of the early 20th century, the collection is on display for the first time.

  • A Beautiful Experience in Setouchi

    Perched on the slopes above the Seto Inland Sea, the Bella Vista Spa & Marina Onomichi beckons to those seeking an autumn getaway. Breathtaking views, mouth-watering seafood and beef, plus hot springs and spa pampering are just part of the appeal.

  • Wagyu Wow! — Taste the world’s best beef

    Wagyu beef has a worldwide reputation for tenderness, taste, and eye appeal. Here we offer all you need to know about Wagyu, from the basics to a list of branded varieties and the best restaurants serving this succulent treat. You’ll also find a thorough, illustrated guide to grilling yakiniku.

  • Shizuoka: The Home of Green Tea

    Shizuoka prefecture is Japan’s “teahouse,” the country’s top producer of green tea. There, ambitious ventures are underway to introduce more of the world to the vibrant green brew, made by steaming fresh tea leaves to yield a singular fragrance and sweetness.

  • A Savory Seaside Escape at Atami

    Blessed with a mild climate and stunning seaside surroundings, the hot-spring town of Atami has long been a favorite playground. At the Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts Atami, which opened there in 2016,Marybeth Boller, former executive chef and event planner at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Japan,experiences a luxury stay with the added temptations of French cuisine using local delicacies.

  • Purifying Decorations Welcome the New Year

    New Year’s is the time to turn over a new leaf and welcome the god of the coming year, the Toshigamisama. Though Japanese lifestyles may have changed, this custom has not. Innovative floral artists and an interior stylist show how to welcome the new year with sophisticated contemporary decorations that suit the living environments and outlooks of today.