2018 Autumn / Winter

Catch Nagoya!



  • Catch Nagoya!

    Nagoya Castle, built in the early decades of the 17th century, is the centerpiece of this city situated where Japan’s Kanto and Kansai regions meet. A decade of painstaking restorations have been completed at the castle with breathtaking results, making this an excellent time to explore the history, industry, art,and gourmet offerings of this city with a culture all its own.

  • Japonismes 2018 — Celebrating 160 years of Franco-Japanese friendship

    From July 2018 through February 2019, France is home to Japonismes 2018, a celebration of the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Japan. A series of events and exhibitions in Paris and elsewhere showcases the creativity and aesthetics of Japan in all their diversity.

  • The Forged Knives of Echizen — Home of Japan’s hardest-wearing blades

    Artisans in the Takefu district of Echizen, a city in Fukui prefecture, have been producing quality knives for over 700 years. We visit the workshops of five contemporary knifemakers, who explain the process of making the durable knives of Echizen.

  • Oita — Land of spiritual mystery

    The Kunisaki Peninsula in northeastern Kyushu is part of Oita prefecture. This relatively remote area has been home to very old forms of worship combining Shinto and Buddhism. Discover the beauty of this lush and uncrowded region that will take you back in time.

  • Tokyo Revealed, Part 2: Meet Our Robot Friends!

    Japan’s manga and anime have long depicted robots as friends. Modern Tokyo offers dozens of opportunities to see or interact with robots staffing hotels, acting as pets, and more.

  • Savoring Japanese Tea — New takes on a classic drink

    Delicate in flavor and beneficial for health, Japanese tea is popular around the world. Setsuko Honma presents recipes to make this unique beverage part of your life in novel ways.