2015 Autumn / Winter

Ginza Hospitality



  • Gracious Ginza—Haven of omotenashi

    There is no place better than Ginza to encounter the genuine spirit of omotenashi, the renowned Japanese sense of welcoming hospitality. Dozens of boutiques with long traditions, stellar haute-cuisine restaurants, grand kabuki spectacles, and eminent modern-art galleries … every one will welcome you with gracious service. The driving force is the dedicated people who make Ginza what it is today. Explore, experience, and enjoy—let those Ginza people be your guides.

  • Tales Told in Kimono

    Japanese women in the Heian period (794–1185) donned kimono featuring scenes and concepts from literary works. The storytelling kimono also turned the heads of fashionable women in the Edo period (1603–1867). Among the most popular inspirations were the two Japanese masterpieces The Tale of Genji and The Tales of Ise. We invite you to admire centuries-old garments and also to explore the world of modern kimono depicting works of literary history.

  • Restoring Toshogu—Artisans revive the brilliance of the Tokugawa legacy

    Marking this year’s 400th anniversary of the death of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nikko Toshogu shrine, which honors him, is undergoing major renovations. We take a close look at the restoration of the iconic Yomeimon gate to spotlight how long-established craftsmanship is vividly and lovingly reviving the marvelous heritage. And we see how the techniques of the masters are being passed down to future generations.

  • Ishikawa’s Seasonal Delights

    Boasting a long coastline on the Sea of Japan, Ishikawa prefecture is much more than the famed castle town of Kanazawa with its four centuries of history. The culture and artisanship, different from that of old Edo or Kyoto, and heavy rain and snowfall bestow a unique culinary birthright marked by an abundance of fresh ingredients. The result is a cuisine of diverse local specialties ready to be discovered in all their seasonal beauty.

  • Ramen Revealed—Secrets of Japan’s soul food

    Delicious bowls of ramen are stoking the taste buds of diners around the world these days. What is the attraction? And what makes people come back for more, again and again? We take you inside the world of ramen to learn the basics and the options, resulting in dazzling dishes. What’s the future of ramen? This guide answers all the questions you may have about Japan’s soul food.