2021 Spring / Summer

Inside Japan’s West



  • Rosanjin — What is beauty? What is art?

    Rosanjin Kitaoji (1883–1959) was a major force in Japan’s art world. But where did his boundless creative energy come from? We take a close look at an extraordinary aesthetic giant.

  • Shikoku Fresh

    The island of Shikoku practically bursts with culinary abundance, from fruits and vegetables lovingly cultivated by devoted farmers to fresh seafood, artisan breads, and even olive oil. We introduce dishes made by skilled chefs using delicacies rooted in the climate and terrain of Kochi, Kagawa, Tokushima, and Ehime prefectures.

  • Visiting the Land of Luxury Silks

    In 2020 the Tango area of northern Kyoto prefecture celebrated its 300th anniversary as the production center for Tango chirimen silk crepe. Workshops in the region have not only preserved traditional techniques but also moved with the times. Sheila Cliffe, a kimono researcher and, since 2020, an ambassador for the Tango Textile Industrial Association, drops in on the artisans of Tango.

  • Sushi Inspirations from West Japan

    We travel to the island of Kyushu to meet three sushi chefs who run restaurants with long waiting lists for reservations to dine on classic nigiri sushi with a distinctive Kyushu touch. We also present Osaka and Kyoto sushi that are definitely different from those in the better-known Tokyo Edomae style.

  • All Aboard the Regal Rails

    Luxury sleepers with ingenious designs and services, scenic trains that offer unusual experiences, dining cars with gourmet meals made from ingredients produced along the route … In this article you’ll find many unique trains to reshape your idea of rail travel. All aboard for a train journey through western Japan.