2020 Spring / Summer 

Our next issue will be entirely devoted to food in Japan. Japan Is So Delicious!


  • Japan Is So Delicious!

    Japan is probably one of the greatest spots in the world for gourmets today. Here you can enjoy traditional washoku cuisine, which is a designated UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, savor the country’s other centuries-old food traditions, and relish innovative dining experiences. Try everything from popular foods like ramen, onigiri rice balls, and takoyaki batter-fried octopus dumplings to matcha powdered green tea and wagashi sweets, which both evolved as part of the tea ceremony. And don’t forget the enormous variety of sake brewed throughout Japan. There are just so many amazing things to eat in Japan that three meals a day might not be enough to sample them all. In our next issue, we’ll introduce an array of gourmet offerings to sate the appetites of eager foodies everywhere.
    Must-eat, must-drink, and must-experience delights in Japan—
    don’t miss KIJE’s special issue featuring Japan’s tastiest foods.

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