2016 Autumn / Winter

Ukiyo-e —Japan’s original pop art



  • Ukiyo-e —Japan’s original pop art

    Ukiyo-e served the roles of fashion photographs, movie-star stills, and travel guidebooks during the Edo period (1603–1867), catching the mood of the times and depicting daily life. We explore the great appeal of ukiyo-e, suggest where to see the best museum collections, and also introduce some modern and innovative ways to enjoy this enduring art form. As a bonus, we present coloring-book pages that feature line drawings of four celebrated ukiyo-e prints. Enjoy creating your own interpretations of these famous Edo images. When you finish, take pictures of your masterpieces and send them to our Instagram campaign.

  • Mix & Blend Tokyo

    Customize a 400-year-old Japanese spice mix to your taste, rediscover the joy of writing by creating an ink color that’s yours alone, convey your feelings with your own unique incense like nobles of olden times, and savor a tranquil moment over a particular blend of tea. These four unusual experiences are to be found on our tour around Tokyo, where traditions and modernity meet. Let your senses be your guide in mixing and blending, then enjoy the results.

  • Ingenious! Paper Innovations

    Japanese take delight in exchanging short messages for many purposes and occasions, which explains why the country abounds in innovative stationery. We share a myriad of products and hints on the latest ways to make communication even more fun—from new kinds of paper and ingenious writing tools to fresh ideas for delivering messages. Take a look and you won’t be able to resist giving free rein to your creativity of expression.

  • Harvest on the Table —Recipes from Tanba Sasayama

    Matsutake, the king of mushrooms, and other autumn delicacies such as chestnuts and black soybeans are treasures of the season. Those harvested in Tanba Sasayama in Hyogo prefecture are highly prized as the finest in Japan. Culinary expert Sakurako Kuwahara invites us along on her visit to enjoy the natural beauty of the setting, meet local residents, and prepare delicious dishes with the region’s autumn offerings.