2019 Spring / Summer

Upcycle!A higher calling



  • Upcycle! — A higher calling

    Relics from disasters, outdated objects, places that have lost their vitality—these may seem beyond hope, but neglect and decline need not be their natural fate. All over Japan, people are adopting new perspectives and taking action to elevate the value of things that have fallen by the wayside. See for yourself how creativity is giving new life to the old.

  • Ripe Time for Japanese Fruit

    Painstaking care by Japan’s growers plus continuous research in cultivating new varieties yields some of the world’s highest-quality produce. There’s fresh fruit aplenty, but fruit-featuring sweets are very popular, too. Domestic fruit is hot, and we present tasty ways to enjoy it.

  • Creative Women Find Peace in Hayama

    Close to the sea and the mountains, Hayama, in the southeastern part of Kanagawa prefecture, retains vestiges of the slow life. Two women who have found physical and mental solace living in an unspoiled natural setting describe their everyday lives.

  • Tokyo Revealed, Part 3: To Market, to Market!

    Home to a multitude of markets, including the Toyosu Market, which opened in autumn 2018, Tokyo is a gathering spot for the finest products from all over Japan. Along with sampling succulent seafood and produce or eyeing exotic antiques, part of the fun of market-hopping is meeting the people who trade there.

  • True Hues — Reviving textile tints of yore

    Japanese gave evocative names, often inspired by nature, to the 200 to 300 colors that existed over a thousand years ago. Today master dyer Sachio Yoshioka has succeeded in reviving the ancient shades using only materials found in nature. We take a close look at his works, now in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.